Executive Director’s Welcome

director2Thank you for visiting the Council of Alaska Producers (CAP) website. We are the statewide, non-profit trade association representing Alaska’s large metal mining industry.

As the Council’s spokesperson, one of my goals is to help Alaskans gain a better understanding of how important mining is to our state’s economy.  Mining offers high-wage jobs, provides revenues for local and state government, and generates purchases of goods and services from businesses across the state.

Today, mining is a growth industry in Alaska – we have several promising development projects in addition to strong operating mines across the state that provide jobs that support Alaskan families.

The mining industry has been part of Alaska’s economy for over 100 years.  Modern mining practices have grown more sophisticated and technology-driven, so that today’s working mines bear little resemblance to those early days. Mining is now highly regulated, with comprehensive and lengthy permitting and review processes in place that ensure our natural environment is protected and workers are safe. At CAP, we believe existing mines and new mining projects should be rigorously reviewed, and those reviews should be science-based, transparent and efficient.

Stringent state and federal laws and regulations not only protect health, safety and the environment, but also require financial assurances that provide for restoration of mine sites after closure. As a parent and as someone who enjoys Alaska’s great outdoors, I want to see Alaska be economically and environmentally sustainable. 

On our website, you can listen to our new radio ads that highlight how the products of modern mining impact our daily lives.  Whether it’s the metals used in manufacturing mountain bikes or laptops, or the components that operate automobile air bags or are used in heart surgery, the products of mining in Alaska and elsewhere make our lives better everyday.

I encourage you to explore our website and learn more about this important industry.


Karen J. Matthias

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